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Autumn MET 2015 Begins

Oliva, October 20th 2015.- The Oliva Nova Equestrian Centre (CEON) is going to host a new edition of the AUTUMN MET between the 20th of October and the 8th of November. For three weeks, THE AUTUMN MET 2015, will feature the participation of the best international riders.

CEON has established itself as one of the best equestrian facilities world wide, with a management team that continues to improve the infrastructures of the centre in order to strengthen the Mediterranean Tour as the best alternative for the European equestrian practice, which is also able to satisfy the demand of international competitions.

The Mediterranean Equestrian Tour is organized by Equestrian Sport Events., a German agency for organizing International Equestrian Events. Bettina Pöhls, a graduate in Business Economics with an extensive experience in the equestrian sphere, is running the show office and is responsible for the show management. Equestrian Sports Events (ESE), led by Herbert Ulonska. organised many international horse shows in Germany (CSI Rostock, CSI Redefin, CSI Olympic Derby Berlin and CSI Neustadt Dosse). Bettina Pöhls also worked with the organization to built up the Baltica Tour in Poland and supports the Riders CUP/ CSI Herlufmagle in Denmark. At the Oliva Nova Equestrian Centre, Equestrian Sport Events is supported by Klaus Dammann and Frank Rothenberger.

Dammann’s extensive experience, having devoted more than 10 years to create optimal soil for horse riding activities, is one of the pillars which explains the success of the CEON, where Dammann contributes to the optimal maintenance of the Centre’s arenas (the Klaus Dammann system is considered to be one of the best arenas in the world to work with horses).

On the other hand, Rothenberger, one of the best course builders, brings his experience to the CEON after more than 50 CSIO’s in his career, participating in the best world championships in the international scene.

In this fourth edition, it is expected that at the Autumn Tour 2015 there will be participation by about 380 athletes, with 700 horses from the best stables in the world, coming from Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Ireland, Russia and Spain, among others. This year the Tour will award €326,400 in prize money. Like each season, many leisure and catering activities will allow participants to enjoy both the horse sport and the best Mediterranean climate and environment.

In previous editions, CEON has counted on the presence of prominent Olympic riders, such as Peter Charles, Gold Medal in the Olympics Games of London, Philippe Le Jeune and the European Champion, Rolf- Göran Bengtsson. At national level, names like Jesús Garmendia and Cayetano Martinez de Irujo, Olympic Spaniards, such as Juan Antonio de Witt, and the best Spanish rider at present, Sergio Álvarez Moya, who holds the position No. 18 in the world ranking.

For the town of Oliva, particularly, and for the Valencian Community, in general, this implies the consolidation of this Equestrian Tour as the event of reference for the international sphere. In addition, the economic impact of this sports event is very significant. In total there will be an average of 20,400 overnight stays in the area during the days of the competition, and a direct economic impact, arising from daily expenses of participants, of around 13 million euros.


The Mediterranean Equestrian Tour organisation, that brings together the international elite of the equestrian sport for several stages of the season at Oliva (Valencian Community), is the result of a private initiative (Borho family), which decided to encourage deseasonalised tourism in the area, by organising big sports events.

The Oliva Nova Equestrian Centre has 4 sand arenas and a grass areana. At this edition, the main hospitality tent will be located next to the green arena, which will provide a better environment for the grass ring. During the competition there will be 450 portable boxes assembled under large tents which, added to the 300 fixed boxes, brings the total to 750 stables for the participating horses. Also, the stables area has a large car park, equipped with electricity and water connections, with space for 300 trucks for horse transport. Most of these trucks are authentic homes equipped with the latest trends to live in comfort. For the attending public, the centre has a parking for 400 cars and stands to accommodate 1,500 people.

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