New surface in the main ring at the MET

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New surface in the main ring at the MET

Ahead of the Spring MET 2019 in Oliva Nova, Spain the event organizers have decided to change the surface in the main ring. The current grass surface will be replaced with an all-weather surface from Klaus Dammann

“The reason that we have decided on making the Oliva Nova-ring into an all-weather surface is that we would like to offer more MET competitors the chance to compete in our beautiful main arena,” says Bettina Pöhls, MET Event Director

“With the current grass surface, we can only offer a limited amount of classes in our main ring and we would like to see it being used more frequently – bringing it more to life. Hence, we have decided to make a Risohorse® ebb and flow system delivered by Klaus Dammann with the size of 140 by 80 meters. We have excellent experiences with Dammann’s surfaces, and by making this change we will be able to offer the best possible conditions to the horses competing at the MET.”
“We already have a big number of entries for the Spring MET 2019, and with that in mind we have decided to make the upgrade in between the Autumn and Spring edition of the Tour. The entire MET-team is looking forward to present the new ring to our competitors in January next year,” Pöhls says.
“During next season we plan to build a new grass arena on a different location of our facilities,” Pöhls continues. “We will follow up with more information about the new grass ring as soon as we can.”
The spring edition of the Mediterranean Equestrian Tour 2019 will run in four parts: January 15-27 (MET I), February 5-24 (MET II), March 12-31 (MET III) and April 9-21 (MET IV). Make your entries soon enough!