House Rules Centro Ecuestre Oliva Nova

• Mounted on a horse everybody must wear a helmet any time.
• Dogs must be kept on the leash in the whole facilities without exceptions.
• Lunging is only permitted in the designated lunging arenas in the stable area.
• Smoking in the stables is strictly prohibited.
• Do not leave your garbage on the parking lot, the tack rooms or mug places. Waste must not be put with the dirty bedding in the mug places.
• Keep your horses away from chewing on the wooden fences around the arenas and the wooden stables.
• Motorbikes, quads, etc. are not allowed in the stable and competition areas.
• NO cars are allowed in the stable area and on the lorry parking.
• Open fires (the use of camping stoves/barbeques, etc.) is strictly prohibited anywhere on the showgrounds.
• The OC will not accept any delivery by external suppliers on the show ground.
• It is not allowed to bring any trucks, caravans, trailers not belonging to a rider to the stable area.
• It is not allowed to bring any trucks, trailers or other vehicles with shavings, straw or hay to the stable area and show grounds.
• Any offering or selling products, goods and services, etc. on the show ground and in the stable area without any prior agreement with the OC is strictly forbidden.
• Journalist and photographers must present themselves on arrival to the OC. It is not allowed to sell photos and videos without permission of the OC.
• Any cruelty to horses will be announced. The OC can deny access to CEON to all people involved.

Entering CEON is at your own risk.

By entering the CEON facilities the house rules and the regulations and conditions of the official schedule are fully accepted.